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A healthcare agency makes life easier

Happy & Healthy is a marketing and communications agency specialising in the healthcare sector. We develop strategic concepts, create campaigns and help devise communications for patients, healthcare providers, referring physicians, budget holders and insurance companies.

We know what we are talking about, whether the subject concerns diabetes, dermatology, oncology, MS, lactose-free dairy products or point-of-care testing (POCT). We understand the workflow and care pathways within organisations like hospitals, and we know how to win over the primary stakeholders. By utilising the right combination of marketing experts and healthcare professionals, we can engage at various levels with our clients, who include pharmacists, healthcare institutions, health brands and concepts, charities and the well-being sector.

Healthcare marketing

The healthcare sector is a world subject to continuous change, a world involving difficult issues and one that is impacted by a multitude of legislation and regulations. Marketing in the healthcare sector requires a different approach.

Do you want:

  • specialists to prescribe your product or medication?
  • patients to consciously choose you?
  • general practitioners to refer patients to you?
  • your organisation or product to appear on the map?

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